Lake Elsinore Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Your Trusted Addiction Recovery Partner in Lake Elsinore, CA

Midas House – Lake Elsinore Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center is a leading addiction treatment facility located in the heart of Lake Elsinore, California. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate care for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. By combining evidence-based therapies and personalized treatment plans, we help our clients achieve lasting recovery and regain control of their lives.

Our Services at Midas House

For those battling drug or alcohol addiction, reaching out to a professional detox program can serve as a crucial initial step towards recovery. Withdrawal from substances can be not only uncomfortable but also potentially dangerous. At Midas House in Lake Elsinore, our specialists possess years of expertise in assisting individuals in safely and effectively managing these symptoms. Our drug and alcohol detox program is specifically crafted to support you during this challenging period, and our team is committed to ensuring your comfort throughout the process.

With our skilled and dedicated team beside you, you can be confident that you or your loved one is receiving the best care possible. Get in touch with us today to discover more about our drug and alcohol detox program and how we can support you on your journey towards recovery.

Inpatient Rehab Addiction Treatment Center

For individuals at any stage of addiction, there is always hope. Inpatient rehab treatment can be a highly effective solution for breaking free from the cycle of addiction and embarking on the journey to recovery. Our team of professionals is dedicated to supporting you through every phase, from assessment and diagnosis to treatment and aftercare. We provide a range of services, such as individual and group therapy, family counseling, and legal assistance.

Our inpatient treatment program enables patients to reside at our Lake Elsinore facility, where they receive round-the-clock care from our skilled staff. This setting allows them to concentrate solely on their recovery, free from the distractions and concerns of the outside world.

Regardless of your circumstances, we are committed to helping you access the treatment you need. We recognize the challenges that addiction presents and are here to support you at every stage of your recovery journey.

Individualized Treatment Plans

At Midas House, we understand that every individual’s path to recovery is unique, which is why we create tailored treatment plans to meet the specific needs of each client. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates closely to ensure the most effective strategies are employed throughout the recovery process.

Detoxification Services

Midas House offers on site drug and alcohol detox programs that provide a safe and comfortable environment for individuals to begin their journey towards recovery. Our medical staff closely monitors clients to ensure their well-being and to manage withdrawal symptoms effectively.

Therapeutic Support

Our dedicated team of therapists at Midas House employs a variety of evidence-based approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Motivational Interviewing. These techniques are designed to help clients address the underlying issues that contribute to addiction and develop healthy coping mechanisms for lasting recovery.

Family Support and Counseling

At Midas House, we recognize the importance of family involvement in the recovery process. We offer family support and counseling services to help loved ones understand addiction, develop healthy communication skills, and foster a supportive environment for their recovering family member.

Aftercare and Alumni Services

Our commitment to our clients’ well-being extends beyond their time at Midas House. We provide aftercare services and maintain an active alumni community to ensure continuous support and encouragement as individuals transition back to their daily lives.

Lake Elsinore drug rehab

Our compassionate team is readily available to assist you and address any inquiries you may have regarding our Lake Elsinore addiction treatment program and how it can aid you in regaining control of your life. The best time to seek help is right now.

Looking for tailored and comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment services in Southern California? Our team of professionals at Midas House Rehab is dedicated to supporting you towards long-lasting recovery. Our drug rehab center in Lake Elsinore offers convenient access for individuals in various cities across the region. Whether you are located in Lake Elsinore itself or other nearby areas, such as Riverside, Temecula, or Murrieta, we are here to help you take the first step towards a healthier and sober life. So don’t hesitate to contact us today and begin your journey towards recovery.

We Are Located Near You In Lake Elsinore, CA

Conveniently situated in the beautiful city of Lake Elsinore, Midas House provides easy access to clients living in the local community and surrounding areas. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to offer a serene and welcoming environment that fosters healing and personal growth. We take pride in our location, as it allows us to serve the needs of our neighbors and contribute to the overall well-being of the Lake Elsinore community.

Whether you live in the heart of Lake Elsinore or in nearby neighborhoods, our drug and alcohol rehab center is just a short drive away. We believe that accessibility is crucial for successful recovery, as it encourages clients to remain connected with their support network and maintain their commitments to work, school, or family. By choosing Midas House, you can take advantage of local resources and receive the highest quality addiction treatment without having to travel far from home.

Don’t let distance be a barrier to your recovery. If you’re seeking a drug and alcohol rehab center in Lake Elsinore, CA, Midas House is here to provide the support, care, and guidance you need. Reach out to our team today and take the first step towards a brighter future.


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Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 is a city with a rich and diverse history. The Luiseno Indians lived around the lake and the surrounding lands for many years before the arrival and settlement of European settlers. Native American pictographs, frequently found in the Ortega Mountains, can be seen preserved at the Historical Society Museum. The city was officially incorporated at the end of the 19th century.

Home to approximately 70,000 residents, Lake Elsinore offers a variety of attractions for visitors, including an array of dining options, shopping centers, sports, and events. The city is renowned for its historic and picturesque natural attractions, but it also boasts plenty of shopping opportunities.

Midas Rehab is proud to be a part of the Lake Elsinore community, providing comprehensive addiction treatment services to those in need. Our facility is conveniently located at 16776 Lakeshore Dr., Suite G, making it easily accessible for both residents and visitors. As a trusted and compassionate rehab center, we are dedicated to helping individuals regain control of their lives and achieve lasting recovery in the beautiful and supportive environment of Lake Elsinore.

Midas Rehab
16776 Lakeshore Dr G
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

What Sets Midas House Apart?

We Care and Understand

You don't have to go it alone. We are here for you on your journey towards recovery and want nothing more than your success in life without addiction or substance abuse.

Not a One-size-fits-all Treatment Center

We know that each person is unique and has their own set of challenges. That's why at our treatment center, we provide a high-level personalized approach with evidence-based treatments for positive results!

Feels Like a Home, Not a Medical Facility

You'll find our residential inpatient treatment offers spacious living spaces with no more than six patients at once ensure the perfect environment for your rehab journey.

Engaging Activities to Keep You Centered

Activities like exercise, hiking, yoga, massage, lake activities & nature walks will focus your mind on what's important to help you heal and keep your body healthy.

Most Insurance Accepted

We know that insurance coverage can be a real source of uncertainty for people, and we want to make sure you have all the information necessary. The great news is health insurance covers the total treatment costs. Even If you don't have insurance, we offer low cash payment options for our treatment programs. We are committed to working with individuals who need treatment regardless of their financial situation.