Overcoming Fear In Addiction Treatment

Fears and addictions fuel one another. The addicted mind is completely rewired to avoid fear and discomfort. The brain and body make unconscious, automatic decisions while controlled by addiction or fear.

Many addicts fear the recovery process in its entirety. A rational fear in detox is that withdrawal symptoms will be difficult to bare. Unlike addiction, fear is an imagined perception. Fear is not a real thing; it is an illusion. Even though it feels terrible, fear cannot hurt you. Internalize that you can feel terrible and afraid, and still be alright.

Fear and Addiction

There’s nothing easy about completely re-routing your life path and changing the way you live. Looking ahead, the thought of staying sober forever is probably incredibly overwhelming. In addiction treatment, clients are asked to be vulnerable and to try new ways of thinking. In therapy, they face feelings that the addiction has been allowing them to avoid. At all times, the thought of relapse lingers. It is all very scary.

Fear of withdrawal, fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of facing feelings, fear of loneliness, fear of physical discomfort and pain, there are so many things to fear in treatment. It’s essential to face these fears and be receptive to learning healthy ways to process them so they do not jeopardize a successful recovery. The fear of failing in recovery prevents so many people from freedom from addiction.

Examining Your Fear Leads To Success

Do not let the fear win. During the early stages of treatment, the fear of recovery may be excruciating. Rather than evading the fear, observe it. Awareness of these negative thoughts is the first step to managing them. Find the support in treatment to push through the fears. Fear of pain from withdrawal symptoms will be met in treatment with medications to combat the suffering. Do not let the fear prevent a successful recovery.

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