United Healthcare Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment In Southern California

Who is United Health Group Insurance?

United Health Group, also known as United Health Care or UHC, is comprised of two companies – United Health Care & Optum. They offer health care plans in all 50 states and 130 different countries. United Health Group provides health insurance for over 25 million Americans. United Health Group has been around since 1974 and is still growing and evolving in the health care industry today.

Does United health care cover drug or alcohol addiction rehab?

United Health Care, Optum, and United Health Group usually cover drug and alcohol addiction rehab and other substance abuse programs in California. However, depending on a member’s specific coverage plan, their location, and the provider they chose, rehabs accepting United Healthcare and rehabs accepting Optum can vary. United Healthcare insurance may cover the costs of drug treatment services, including inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab and detox. They also provide medications needed for recovery and treatment and individual and group therapy sessions with our qualified therapists at Midas House.

Verifying coverage to confirm if your United Health Group Plan or Optum health insurance plan could cover the cost of treatment is as easy as making a call. Insurance Verification is a very simple and quick process.

How to check United Health Care Substance Abuse coverage

Many different rehab centers accept United Healthcare insurance across the United States. In fact, United Health Care substance abuse benefits are typically accepted at Midas House Rehab facilities in Lake Elsinore, CA.

Midas House offers substance abuse treatment services and mental health treatment for those seeking help. Midas Rehab combines dual diagnostic treatment with evidence-based treatment modalities for co-occurring disorders.

To learn more about how Midas House can help you with your United Health Care inpatient rehab coverage options or other forms of services your insurance will cover, call us today at 951-420-7273 or Click Here to verify your insurance by filling out the form.

Why should you contact us or fill out the form?

Your information is safe with us! If you choose to reach out today or fill out the form, your privacy is 100% protected by HIPPA. Let us remove the confusion and difficulties around verifying your insurance coverage. Our dedicated staff members have years of experience in navigating insurance verification. By filling out the form and providing the necessary information, we can verify if your United Health Care insurance will cover your full cost of treatment today. After we have your information, one of our compassionate and skilled admissions specialists will reach out to assist you with any questions and help develop an intake plan. Call Midas House today to find out if your United Health Care or Optum health insurance will cover your cost of treatment today.

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